Thematic Unit Title Here Abraham Lincoln

Your Name: Waunita Dennis
School:Ardmore Adventist Academy
Published Date: July 29, 2012
Subject(s): Language Arts, Social Studies
Intended Grade Level(s):3rd

Description: The purpose of this unit is to give the students a view of who Abraham Lincoln was. We will also explore what character traits Abraham Lincoln had that has endeared him to the hearts of many Americans even after nearly 150 years.
Pathways Theme, Goals, and Skills: The Pathways theme for this unit of study is "Heroes." The following is a list of specific sklls that will be taught during this unit. Skills Checklist for Abe

Faith Integration: A major postive charater trait that Abraham LIncoln possessed was that of honesty. We will explore various stories that show his honesty in his dealings with others. In addition to looking at Lincoln's life we will brainstorm about Bible characters that also showed honesty in their dealing with others. Why was honesty important to them? What was the outcome of their honesty? We will also discuss Bible characters, who were not honesty. How do their stories/lives contrast with those who were honest? Honesty is the belt in the armor of God. Why is it important to us? Is it always easy to be honest?

Technology Standards: Students will collaborate and produce a video story of one of the events in Abraham Lincoln's life. They will use the libary books, the read aloud books listed below, and Internet souces to write their script. The script can be presented as a play, puppet show, or they can create a video strip using Animoto, create a diarama , which will then be displayed in the classroom. They also will read the story that they wrote to the class.

Books, references, worksheets.
The following books will be used in the "Read Aloud" time slot. Children will also be able to view the book again and listen to the story via the computer. The pictures will be scanned in and the text typed using Max's Toolbox (a simple software package of Offce for children grades k-5. This software is also "text to speeach" capable. Here is a link to the vendor selling the software: Max's Toolbox
Read Aloud Books
Abe Lincoln: The boy who loved books. by: Kay Winters and Nancy Carpenter.
Abe Lincoln and the Muddy Pig by: Stephen Krensky.
A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by: David Adler
The Story of Abraham Lincoln by: Patricia A Pingry
Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln by: Patricia Potacco
The Story Map and Story Plan found on pages 5 & 6 of the DLG for Abe's Hat will be used to examine each of the above listed books in depth.
Activity Sheets
Blackline Masters from the DLG for Abe Lincoln's Hat
Shape Stories and other Lincoln Activities
Story Map Link
Story Plan Link

Coloring book pages will be selected that go along with each of the stories or audio tapes. The student will color the picture and write several sentences retelling the story.
Abraham Lincoln Coloring Book by: A.G. Smith

The whiteboard will be used to introduce the children to Pinterest. I have set up an Abraham Lincoln Board on my Pinterest account. I will teach the children how to type in the web address, so they can locate my account. Then we will read and discuss each of the webpages.
Abraham Lincoln, childhood & youth
Abraham Lincoln, childhood home
Lincoln Biography for children
Use Kidspiration to make a concept map of the major facts in LIncoln's life.

Look up and print for students Edward Everett's Gettysburg Address
Edward Everett's Gettysburg Address
Look up and print for students Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincon's Gettysburg Address
Compare and contrast both speeches. Why did LInoln's speech become famous? Was Lincoln the favored speaker, why or why not? Use a stop watch and read through Lincolns speech. How long did it take? Is the longer speech the better one? Which one became more famous?
Listen to Your Story Hour CD America's Arch Hero Makes a Speech

Purchase Stovepipe Hat from as a dispay. The children will put this hat on and read Lincoln's Gettysburg address for the video camera.

Abraham Lincoln--Inspiring Heroes DVD (
Civil War Clip Art by: Finley-Holiday Film Corp (
Your Story Hour audio tapes on Lincoln
KidPix 3D (software)
Stationary Studio (software) Theme Paper/story paper creator software
Kidspiration (software)
Qualint (software) Word Puzzle Maker
Max's Toolbox for Microsoft grades K-5

Powerpoint to introduce vocabulary words:
Dennis_Abe's Hat Vocabulary Words.pdf

Teacher Preparation:
Obtain Abraham Lincoln Bulletin Board to decorate room.
Abraham Lincoln Bulletin Board set
Purchase craft supplies for log cabin and paper towel Lincoln (Prezels, peanut butter, graham crackers, toilet paper cardboard centers or paper towel cardboard centers, construction paper, scizzors, crayons, oatmeal box, black paper)
Prepare Word Searches, Word unscrambles, and crossword puzzles using Qualint (downloadable software) Word Searches, Word Unscrambles and Crossword puzzles are used to create worksheets for vocabulary words) Word Puzzle Maker

Student Preparation: Will be taught how to do a web search using a search engine. They will be taught how to use my Pinterest account to access the web pages that have been selected for them to research. They also need to know how to use the software to create a Power Point, the word processor (Max's Toolbox)

Introduce the children to Abraham Lincoln by doing a story walk through:
Abe Lincoln:: The Boy Who Loved Books
Begin by looking at the cover of the book and discussing it. Then open to the title page noting the author and illustrator. After that go through the book page by page looking at the pictures trying to guess what is happening and what is being said. When the picture walk is comjputer read the book the children. The children will make a Pretzel log the beginning of this unit. When we read the book "Abe Lincoln's Hat" we will make oatmeal box top hats. We will also make a paper towel/ toilet paper roll Lincoln. The website with the directions is below:
Pretzel log cabin directions
Paper towel Abraham Lincoln art
Oatmeal box top hat

Differentiated Instruction:
Abe Lincoln's Hat scanned and text entered into computer for any student that is print challenged. Various levels of reading materials on the life of Lincoln.
Multiple Intelligences:
Linguistic:Students will write a story about Lincoln's life.
Spatial: Students will create a video presentation or diarama.
Interpersonal: Students will work together in groups to plan and act out a story about Lincoln.
Bodily Kinesthetic: Students will act out a story from LIncoln's life.

Classroom Management and Decoration: Each student will be assigned a computer to work at and shown how to save their materials to a folder on the desktop. We will make Lincoln's hat out of a an oatmeal box, pretzel log cabins, paper towel Lincoln's, along with student's art work and written stories will also be on display around the classroom.


Credits: Rubistar for Rubric