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Published Date: the last day of class should be listed here, date and year
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Pathways Theme, Goals, and Skills: Which Pathways theme, goals, and target skills does this unit address?

Faith Integration: How do you integrate faith in teaching this lesson? Describe the faith basis for the instruction, instructional strategies/methods, and/or content of this lesson.

Technology Standards: Include at least one NETS standard that you are meeting. (NETS stands for: National Educational Technology Standards)
Alaskan Eskimos

Books, references, worksheets. You should not copy or share any copyrighted materials in your lesson. Instead, please list document titles and reference page numbers and resources from the Pathways curriculum or other resources used in your unit.

Materials/Hardware/Software: List all materials, hardware, software needed for the lesson. If specific online tools are used, list those as well.

Teacher Preparation: write here

Student Preparation: What do students need to know how to do before this lesson? e.g. Students
must know how to save their pictures to the H folder.

Activities/Procedures: Include classroom activities, student worksheets (include full worksheets
that you've created for this project or reference worksheets listed that you're using from classroom materials) etc. This should include at least two technology activities that the students will do. What field trip(s) might you take during the month of this theme?

Differentiated Instruction: How will differentiate these activities for your students? Remember you can differentiate the content, the process/activities, or the product. Read this quick review if needed.

Multiple Intelligences: How will you address at least 4 of the multiple intelligences?

Classroom Management and Decoration: How should the classroom be organized and managed for this lesson? How will you decorate your room for this theme?

Assessment/Evaluation: Include copies of rubrics, etc. used in assessment (ie include full
assessments you've created for this project or reference assessments you're using from classroom materials). Include how you will pre-assess to determine how to differentiate your instruction, and what post-assessment you will do. If you are using premade assessment, give the reference and page numbers.

Credits: Do you need to give credit to anyone or any source for ideas or inspiration? If so, list here.