Volcanoes- The Hottest Natural Disaster

Your Name: Katrina Schreiner
School: Capital Christian School
E-mail Address: katrina.schreiner@gmail.com
Published Date: April 19, 2012
Subject(s): Science, Language Arts, Math, Bible, Social Studies
Intended Grade Level(s): 5/6

Description: The following are learning centers for students to use during a designated center time. These are extension activities from their Pathways theme book, Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens.

Pathways Theme, Goals, and Skills Assessed in this Unit:
  • Target 1 Extended Reading and Writing
    • Uses the writing process
    • organizes final draft logically
    • Edits spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Target 2 Comprehending, Studying, and Evaluating Ideas
    • Writes paragraphs with main ideas and details
    • Develops two-column notes and charts

  • Target 4 Word Study
    • Correctly spells grade-appropriate and subject area words
    • Reads, spells, writes and defines suffixes

  • Target 5 Sentence Skills
    • Identifies and uses adverbs

Faith Integration: Volcanoes are part of God's creation. Verses from the Bible referring to volcanoes will be shared with students at the beginning of the unit.
(Deuteronomy 4:11;5:23; Judges 5:5; Psalms 97:5;104:32;144:5; I)
Isaiah 30:33

Technology Standards: NETS Standard: Research and Information (NETS stands for: National Educational Technology Standards)

Materials/Hardware/Software: Computers with headphones, Powerpoint or equivalent presentation software, internet access, printer, notebook paper, pencils, Bible, graph paper, calculator, ruler

Teacher Preparation: All worksheets should be printed out and readily available for student use. Powerpoint presentations should have already been reviewed before starting these centers.

Student Preparation: Students must know how to:
  • create a Powerpoint presentation.
  • copy/save photos into Powerpoint.
  • create attractive background slides for Powerpoint.
  • scan through a webpage for information.
  • create two-column notes
  • use the writing process

Classroom Management and Decoration: Students will be separated into various learning groups. While the teacher is working with a small group for instruction, the other students will be at the various center stations. Designated computer/s, and writing areas should be marked for Learning Centers (Computer Center, Math Center, Writing Center). Some teacher's may choose to have students do the center at their desk. The computer center must be done prior to the writing center. After a designated amount of time (e.g. 20 minutes) the students will rotate and a different group will meet with the teacher for instruction while the others complete a center. Worksheets, paper and pencils should be readily available. Volcano pictures and vocabulary will be placed around learning center area.

Assessment/Evaluation: Student will complete a KWL at the beginning of the unit. This will help the teacher determine how to differentiate instruction. Each student will complete a Powerpoint presentation for one of the centers below including their written journal entry in the presentation. (rubric included).

Spelling/Vocabulary List

Volcano Web Questionnaire==(Computer Center)
Students will review the parts of a volcano. They will study information on how and why volcanoes erupt, the after-effects and where volcanoes can be found.

Books, references, worksheets. Website, Volcanoes. (www.weatherwhizkids.com/weather-volcanoes.htm)

Instructions for the students: Explore this website and fill in the answers on the worksheet provided.

Differentiated Instruction: There are three sheets available to complete. For lower level learners, I would only give 2 of the sheets to complete.

Multiple Intelligences: logical-mathmatical, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial


Spelling City Practice== (Computer Center)
Each student will practice their list of spelling words for the week. Then they will take a test and print the report from the test for the teacher to show their progress.

Books, references, worksheets. none

Any materials: A computer with internet access and headphones.

Instructions for the students:
  • Go to Spellingcity.com.
  • Click on "Find a List" and search for "Pathways".
  • Then you will find the Theme your list is currently on.
  • Scroll down the page and find the theme book that is connected with your spelling words, as well as the week your list is from. Click on the correct book and week: i.e. Theme 6, Wk 1A, Volcano.
  • Put on your headphones and check volume for appropriate level.
  • Next, click on the Play Games button.
  • Play 3 of the games listed in the Spelling category and 1activity from the Vocabulary category.
  • Then click on Spelling TestMe under Tests.
  • At the end of the test, type your name in the box under Speller's Name and click Print Report.
  • Press OK to open the report.
  • Then click on the print icon to print your report.
  • Turn your report in to your file.

Differentiated Instruction: There are many activities that the students are able to choose from which vary in difficulty. This allows options for all levels of learners.

Multiple Intelligences: kinesthetic, linguistic, logical-mathmatical, spatial

Volcanologist Research: Part 1 (Computer Center)
Students will be researching how scientists gather volcano gas samples, what protective clothing they wear and what instruments they use.

Books, references, worksheets. Blackline Master 3, Pathways DLG: Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2009.

Instructions for the students;
Use the websites below to research how scientists obtain gas samples from volcanoes. What type of protective clothing must be worn by the collectors? What instruments are used in the collection process? Use the following websites to research and complete two-column notes. Then create a short PowerPoint (2-3 slides) about the process. Include pictures with citations. Include journal entry written at the writing center after completing research. (activity adapted from Blackline 3, DLG: Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2009.)

Volcano Hazards Program Additional area of Volcano Hazards Program PBS: Volcanologists' Tools

Differentiated Instruction: Advanced students: Include information about how they use the gas samples/for what purpose.

Multiple Intelligences: linguistic, kinesthetic, spatial, logical-mathmatical

Volcanologist Research: Part 2 Journal Entry (Writing Center)
Students will write a journal entry from the perspective of being a volcanologist gathering samples.

Books, references, worksheets. Use the 2 column notes that were taken at an earlier time for gathering information on volcanologists.

Material: 2 column notes previously completed, Notebook paper, pencil

Instructions for the students: Write a journal entry from the perspective of being a volcanologist gathering samples. Describe getting ready for the trip to the volcano, your feelings going down near the opening and what results you might find out about the eruption timing of the volcano.

Differentiated Instruction: Length of entries will vary based on ability and I will take that into consideration.

Multiple Intelligences: linguistic, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, visual-spatial

Volcanic Eruptions== (Computer Center)
Students will be experimenting virtually with the magma viscosity and gas pressure within a volcano and watch it erupt. They will be learning about the type of volcano and type of eruption they have created. For each center include:

Books, references, worksheets.

Instructions for the students:
  • Visit Discovery Kids to become a Volcano Explorer. Discovery Kids
  • Complete the worksheet provided.

Differentiated Instruction: Students may only do this 1-2 times rather than 3-4.

Multiple Intelligences: logical-mathmatical, intrapersonal, visual

Mount St. Helen's Math== (Math Center)
Students will use conversions, subtraction, map scale and plotting while learning about volcanoes.
For each center include:

Books, references, worksheets.


Instructions for the students; Complete the worksheet. Use a piece of graph paper to plot the mountains and show the scale used. You may use a calculator.

Differentiated Instruction: Students may only graph 2 of the mountains instead of all 4.

Multiple Intelligences: logical-mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic, intrapersonal