George Washington Carver: Learning to Bloom Where You Are Planted

Your Name: Jennifer McCary
School: York Adventist Junior Academy
E-mail Address:
Published Date: November, 2010
Subject(s): Language Arts, Science, Technology, Math, Fine Arts, Bible
Intended Grade Level(s): 4

Description: George Washington Carver: Blooming Where You Are Planted
Students will use the lessons of perseverance, patience, determination, devotion, and self-control to create an Animoto video to be shared with the congregation during song service.

Pathways Theme, Goals, and Skills:
Language Arts:
Students will sequence through pictures, notes, charts, and paragraphs (Pathyways, Target 2 - Comprehending, Studying and Evaluating Ideas)
Decodes long i words (pipe, mild, sight, style) (Pathways, Target 4 - Word Study) Correctly spells grade-appropriate and subject-area words (Pathways, Target 4 - Word Study)
Students will further explore plants by understanding photosynthesis. (NAD KL 4th Grade)
Students will use the FlipShare video camera to create a video journal of their plants growing in the Aerogarden
Students will measure their plant's growth to nearest 1/4 inch. (NAD KL 4th Grade)
Students will create tables & graphs of their plant's growth using Create A Graph or Excel Graph Directions (NAD KL 4th Grade)
Students will demonstrate the use of computers in everyday life. (NAD KL 4th Grade)
Students will use courtesy while sharing computer time.( NAD KL 4th grade)
Students will apply their knowledge of copyright when creating their project. (NAD KL 4th Grade)
Students will display their knowledge in using input & output devices when creating their video. (NAD KL 4th Grade)
Students will be reminded of how to troubleshoot basic malfunctions
Fine Arts:
Using the SDA Digital Hymnal students will apply their knowledge of meter signature (2/4, 3/4, 4/4) and create an MP3 file to use for their Animoto project. (NAD KL 4th Grade)
Students will synthesize how George Washington Carver developed a Christ-like character when working with his students. (NAD KL 4th Grade)

Faith Integration:
  • George Washington Carver's life was filled with many examples of his commitment to Christ even through difficult circumstances, eg. poverty, slavery,discrimination.
  • The Animoto project will allow students to create a visual diary of the beauty that God created while reflecting on the spiritual lessons that each plant and flower shares about God. It also allows them an opportunity to publically display their faith while participating in the song service program.
  • Students will be instrumental in creating a meditation/butterfly garden for other students or themselves to take time to reflect quietly like Jesus did when He was on Earth.

Technology Standards:
  • Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity: Teachers model, support, promote and use their knowledge to provide and facilitate productive technological experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation both face-to-face and virtually. They also promote student reflection and collaborative construction environments.
  • Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility: Teachers model and advocate safe teaching and understand the societal global issues of media literacy in an evolving digital world. They address diverse needs of the students, promote digital etiquette, and they exhibit legal and ethical responsibility and respect.

Books, references, worksheets.
The Story of George Washington Carver by Ave Moore
McCary Flower Log.docx

Laptop (appropriate cables & plugs)
Screen (to watch Youtube video and preview Animoto projects)
USB thumb drive
McCary Flower Log.docx
Desktop computers for students
AeroGarden & Supplies
FlipShare Video Camera
Digital camera (appropriate cables)
SDA Hymnal
Plant Observation Growth Chart (enough for each student for 2 weeks)
Technical Assistant during Song Service to project projects for Song Service

Teacher Preparation:
Make sure all computers & internet are working.
Double check all computer links.
Make sure all supplies for AeroGarden have been purchased. (baskets, labels, sponges, seeds, lights, and fertilizer)
Download and save Animoto on student computers.
Make sure that there are fresh batteries in digital camera.
Make arrangements for Longwood Garden visit. Create permission slip for trip. Ensure that there are enough cars & chaperones for fieldtrip.
Copy enough Flower Logs for each student. (Make sure to bring extra pencils and sharpeners on trip.)
Clipboards for students to use when writing in Flower Logs.

Student Preparation:
Prior knowledge of
    • how to save information on USB thumb drive.
    • how to use a digital camera (how to save or discard pictures)
    • how to use computer (turn it on, find appropriate files, saving information)
    • how to use Animoto program
    • how to import and export files
Take 35 quality photos of flowers and write their common & scientific names in Flower Log.
Choose MP3 for Animoto video and save on to USB thumb drive.
Download appropriate flower photos and complete Animoto project.

After reading The Story of George Washington Carver, students will begin their own personal exploration on the topic of plants.
    1. Students will watch a 9 minute Youtube presentation on photosynthesis to get a better understanding of how plants grow. Students will use this new information to complete the Plant Cycle Assessment
    2. Students will be organized into groups and given a growth sponge & basket preloaded with various native flower seeds. Each group will be responsible for daily recording their plants growth on the FlipShare video, as well as, on a plant observation growth chart. Teacher will instruct students about the use of the AeroGarden being careful to explain the settings, the need for water and fertilizer. Students will be responsible for making sure that AeroGarden is properly maintained eg. water level, fertilizer, lights etc.
    3. Class will go on a field trip to Longwood Garden or local garden/park (depending on time and money available) Students will each take turns in taking close up pictures of various flowers. Students will take care in writing the names of the flowers (both common and scientific) in a flower log. We will use this information to meet the Pathfinder Flower Honor requirement.
    4. Teacher will demonstrate how to use the various functions on the Animoto site by using a laptop, projector, screen, and microphones (for sound). Students will create their own Animoto accounts remembering to give the teacher their username and password.
    5. Students use the SDA Digital Hymnal to choose an MP3 to accompany their video. Each student will save the chosen MP3 on their own USB thumb drive.
    6. Students will properly download their pictures on to their USB thumbdrives. Stored pictures will be used in creating their Animoto video.
    7. Students will create their individual Animoto video.
    8. Completed projects will be compiled by teacher and will be shown during Sabbath School Song Service.
    9. Student-grown hydroponic plants will be used to create a butterfly/meditation garden for the entire campus to enjoy.

Differentiated Instruction: Special attention will be paid to students which require additional assistance in completing their projects. Possible solutions could include peer assistance or teacher/aide assistance. Refer to Differentiating Strategies for assistance in modifying instruction.

Multiple Intelligences:
As students age different intelligences may evolve or be displayed. The students will have completed the Multiple Intelligence Inventory and that will determine what modifications might need to be addressed for the lesson on plants.

Sampling of Multiple Intelligences addressed in this classroom project:

Linguistic - journaling about the growth and changes in the plants
Logical - measuring growth of plants, creating graphs & charts
Visual/Spatial - creating video of flower photos
Body/Kinesthetic- taking pictures at the gardens, planting the plants, walking in the gardens
Interpersonal - problem solving/troubleshooting if computers are "acting up", sharing ideas of why certain plants might be growing faster than others,
Intrapersonal - journaling, possibility of extending independent projects as time allows
Musical - exploring the differences of music from various time periods in the SDA church hymnal,


Flower Anatomy Poster
Life Cycle of Plant Worksheet


Spelling Word Assessments : Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Assessment of Plant Cycle
Multiple Intelligence Inventory
George Washington Caver: Learn to Bloom Where You Are Planted Rubric

Differentiating Strategies
National Educational Technology Standards
Multiple Intelligences Inventory
Urban Programs Resource Network
ABC Teach
Pathfinders Online
Squidoo Web Publishing
National Center for Education Statistics
Seventh-day Adventist Digital Hymnal
Internet 4 Classrooms