Kindergarten: Theme: Spiritual Journey

Kindergarten Theme Books

Kindergarten Official Supplemental Books

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Kindergarten Other Supplemental Books

What other books do you use with theme books? Please share here. This could include books for students or teacher resource books.
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Technology Ideas

  • Take digital pictures of students helping each other. Assemble into a slideshow for a parent night.
  • Have students draw pictures in KidPix, Pixie, or TuxPaint to illustrate gifts that cost love and time but not money. Assemble into a slideshow titled Gifts for Jesus and share in church.
  • Have students bring in pictures of their pets and dictate sentences describing how they share or receive love from their pet or another animal. Assemble in KidPix slideshow or other slideshow software. Older students could help the kindergartners illustrate and write down their sentence.
  • Have students create a "coupon" book with pictures and words showing how they can give a gift that doesn't cost anything.


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"In Real Life" Ideas

Field trips, author/expert visits, community resources and ideas, etc.
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Lesson Plans

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Learning Center Plans

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