Welcome to the AVLN Pathways Wiki

This wiki contains technology integration resources, tips, ideas, and lesson ideas for the Pathways language arts curriculum.

AVLN Pathways Classes
This wiki was a project for the AVLN (Adventist Virtual Learning Network) classes on Integrating Technology with Pathways.

Integrating Technology with Pathways: Themes 1-4 focuses on the first four themes: Heroes, My World and Others, Living Things and Spiritual Journey. This class considers how to use technology to enhance thematic instruction, vocabulary instruction, concept mapping, guided reading, information literacy, and assessment. Technologies featured include wikis, social bookmarking, free online slideshow tools, Skype, Google Earth, concept mapping software, and more.

Integrating Technology with Pathways: Themes 5-9 focuses on the last five themes: Friends and Family, Environment, Personal Feelings and Growth, Yesterday, and Social Issues and Culture. Instructional strategies covered in Part 2 include: learning centers, literature circles; writing workshop; digital storytelling; differentiated instruction; and global learning. Technologies featured include wikis, social bookmarking, collaboration tools, VoiceThread, Google Forms, clickers, Microsoft Photostory, Wordle / TagCrowd, and Skype.

Wiki Purposes
This wiki serves several purposes:
  • It holds the collection of integration ideas that are part of the classes.
  • It serves as a site for posting the lesson plans and learning center plans written as final projects for the participants.
  • It provides an ongoing learning community/site for continued improvement of integrating technology with Pathways.
  • It gives us the ability to share these resources outside of the formal class, and to keep the ideas available even after participants have finished the class.

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