Kindergarten: Theme: Heroes

Kindergarten Theme Books

Kindergarten Official Supplemental Books

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Kindergarten Other Supplemental Books

What other books do you use with the Kindergarten Heroes Theme Books? Please share here. This could include books for students or teacher resource books.
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Technology Ideas

  • In KidPix, Pixie, or Tuxpaint, have students stamp their name, then pick out stamps to make a collage of things they like or stamps that reflect their individuality.
  • In KidPix, assemble a person to look like you with a stamp set (Toonies). Write facts about you with the typewriter. Write your name with "A" moving alphabet.
  • In KidPix, Pixie, or Tuxpaint, find pictures that represent kindnesses passed on to others.
  • Take digital pictures of students acting out sportsmanlike behavior. Assemble into a class slideshow.
  • Use Skype or GoogleTalk to connect to an athlete at an Adventist academy or college to talk about good sportsmanship.
  • Take digital pictures of students including others in games. Create a "DO/Don't class slideshow" on not excluding or bullying others and how to be inclusive.


"In Real Life" Ideas

Field trips, author/expert visits, community resources and ideas, etc.
  • Invite a local sports team into your school for an Assembly to talk about being good sportsmanlike behavior.
  • Create a "good deeds" bucket with in your class. As students do good deeds for others they can help fill the classroom bucket by placing a little object in it.

Lesson Plans

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Learning Center Plans

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